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Hybrid Barn Building Material Deliveries

When will material deliveries begin once I order my building?

Delivery of your metal or building kit can vary substantially depending on its size, intricacy, and time of year. Although a delivery date from the time of order cannot be guaranteed, we will make every effort to organize the delivery so that it best meets your needs.

Can I request special building material delivery times?

Please get in touch with us right away if you need special delivery arrangements; otherwise, your materials will be transported in accordance with the original building material delivery schedule. In case the delivery driver calls you about your delivery, be sure to verify your specified contact phone number for any messages.

How much space will be required for adequate access?

To deliver standard buildings, dimensions of at least 10 feet in width and up to 14 feet in height are needed. The ability to move truck and trailer combinations up to 100 feet in length close to the building is necessary for large roof trusses, which can require widths of at least 14 feet. Keep in mind that you will spend less time moving goods the closer delivery trucks can get to your construction site. You are responsible for locating an appropriate alternate delivery place if your site does not have sufficient access. Delivery trucks are expensive pieces of machinery, frequently costing well over $100,000. Drivers won't attempt to deliver goods to a risky area by putting themselves, their loads, or their equipment at risk. All towing or repair costs will be your responsibility if you instruct a driver to visit your property via a certain route or location and the vehicle becomes stuck, needs to be towed, or sustains damage. Apply common sense. If you don't believe that a roadway or access is sufficient, then it probably isn’t.

Do you unload my materials?

You could be required to supply lifting equipment to aid in the offloading of trusses with longer truss spans (typically over 40′ in width). Under no circumstances does unloading involve hoisting trusses onto the building's columns using a crane or any other piece of machinery. You might need to unload some or all of your materials due.   Not all trucks are equipped offloading equipment. If that's the case, you'll need to supply the right tools for offloading the building materials. Our Construction Manual goes into depth about the specifics of material offloading. You have a maximum of one hour for the truck to stay at your jobsite, regardless of whether the truck can self-offload or you are offloading. You will be charged for standby time at a rate of at least $120 per hour after the first hour.

Does the cost of your kit include mounting the delivered trusses to the columns?

No. Hybrid Barns and Savemore Metal are manufactures and resellers of building materials. We are not independent contractors, we do not include any building expenses or labor for the construction of your kit or building. 

What aspect of receiving material delivery for my building is most crucial?

WHEN YOUR BUILDING MATERIALS ARRIVE, YOU MUST INVENTORY THEM! You have 24 hours and 24 hours only to report "hidden damage," missing, or damaged products. Sadly, theft occurs frequently on construction sites, especially when they are unsupervised. Additionally, as time passes, the likelihood of "incidental damage" increases. Damage or shortages reported days, weeks, or months after the 24-hour replacement promise are not the responsibility of Hybrid Barns or Savemore Metal. Within the first 24 hours of delivery, you have the option to exchange any products that were damaged or deemed useless for replacement materials at no additional cost to you. Verifiable shortages that are reported within the first 24 hours of delivery will be delivered as soon as feasible, once again at no extra cost, to you.

When the metal siding, roofing, trusses and lumber are delivered in large bundles, how can I inventory them?

Your building's steel siding and roofing will come in one or more sizable bundles (or skids). The bundle should, whenever feasible, stay in its crate until it is brought to where it will be stored. Break the bands, at the very least, and lift the cover sheet to look for any damage while the driver is still there. Re-bundle if there is no damage. Please sign "not inspected for quantity or damage" when you sign the driver's paperwork.  (If you observe any evident damage while the driver is there, please make a note of it on the paperwork.) In this way, the driver won't be delayed, and you may perform a thorough and accurate inventory when he leaves. You have 48 hours to notify Hybrid Barns and Savemore Metal of any concealed damage or missing items by sending an email to  Any images showing defects in the materials or damage are beneficial and will speed up the process. 

What if inclement weather is present when the delivery truck arrives?

Unfortunately, bad weather does occur. Delivery vehicles must adhere to their timetables in order for you to receive your products on time, even though this may cause you inconvenience.

What kind of equipment will I need?

A forklift, skid steer with forks, or a boom truck with a spreader bar may be needed at the expense of the customer.

What if, when it arrives, I'm not yet prepared to erect the building?

It is storeable. You must do some tasks first, though. The most crucial step is to inventory all the building supplies as they arrive and to report any damaged or missing parts as soon as possible. All lumber should be kept off the ground and laid out flat. A tarp should always be placed over the lumber. The most effective storage techniques for many of the items in your building are described in length and with specifics in our construction manual. Although we aim to supply you in a very short amount of time, actual building material deliveries will be determined by the production and delivery schedules of our shipping partners. Please feel free to email and inform your designated project coordinator if you would prefer to postpone the delivery. Most of the time, shipments cannot come on a specified date but rather follow the delivery schedule of our shipping partners. You can incur additional costs if you ask for a delay in the delivery of some or all components.If prices increase after you've placed your purchase and specifies a deadline for delivery, you MUST accept delivery within that deadline or pay the higher price. Dates and/or times of previously scheduled delivery may alter with little or no notice due to unforeseen circumstances. Any expenses incurred because of stated alterations are not the responsibility of Hybrid Barns or Savemore Metal.