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Our Metal Building Colors

Selecting the color of your metal barn is a crucial step in the construction process.  Here you may read more about the colors we provide, as well as some helpful tips that could be useful when deciding which color scheme is ideal for your metal building.


A color chart for choosing metal roof colors.
A color chart displaying the various options for choosing a metal roof color.

*Note: Colors shown online may not accurately depict the actual color.

How to Choose the Color of Your Metal Building:


Somethings to Consider



Climate-Related Issues:
The location of your metal building’s initial consideration should be its climate. Over time, various climates may have an effect on the color of a metal building. For instance, lighter colors are frequently advised in hot and humid areas as they reflect more sunlight and keep the structure cooler. Darker colors, on the other hand, are frequently desired in colder locations because they absorb more sunlight and can help keep the building warmer.


Energy Efficiency:
Your metal building’s color may affect how energy-efficient it is. Since lighter hues reflect more sunlight and keep a structure cooler, they are thought to be more energy-efficient. As a result, the building may use less energy and be more environmentally friendly. On the other side, darker hues can absorb more sunshine and heat up a building, increasing energy expenses and lowering energy efficiency.


Aesthetic Factors:
Another crucial aspect to take into account when deciding on the color of your metal construction is how it will seem. The color you select should enhance the appearance of your building and blend well with the surroundings. You could want to think about using colors that go with the current architecture or colors that go with the branding of your business.


Another factor in the endurance of your metal building is the color you choose. While some hues are more vulnerable to deterioration like fading and chipping, others are less so. It is crucial to take into account the kind of area your building will be in and pick a color appropriate for that setting.


Different metal building colors may require different upkeep. While some hues are more vulnerable to deterioration like fading and chipping, others are less so. The amount of maintenance necessary to keep your building looking its best over time can be impacted by this.


The price of various metal building hues can also differ. When choosing a color, it’s crucial to keep in mind that some hues may cost more than others. The long-term costs of each hue, such as energy costs and maintenance costs, must also be taken into account.

Our metal is proudly finished with Sherwin Williams WeatherXL™ coatings. Sherwin Williams silicone polyester coatings are ideal for a variety of metal building applications, including agriculture, industrial, commercial and pre-engineered metal building components and systems.


These coatings provide exterior color and gloss durability, as well as the chalking and chemical resistance demanded by those markets through unique chemistry that combines durable ceramic and other select inorganic pigments with a breakthrough proprietary resin technology.


Your metal building will benefit from its superior abrasion resistance that slows WeatherXL™ silicone polyester coatings, so it can endure the normal physical abuses that can occur in transit, application and construction.

Weatherx coating system for selecting metal roof color.

Sherwin Williams WeatherXL™ coatings in a wide range of standard colors, seen below. Many of these colors are formulated to meet ENERGY STAR, LEED and Title 24 guidelines for cool roots.

Finish Coating Benefits WeatherXL coatings provide a number of unique benefits including:

  • Superior weather-ability

  • Best resistance yet to chalking, fading and scratching for SMP
Exceptional color and gloss retention

  • Outstanding color consistency

  • Proven durability

WeatherXL coil coatings are ideal for residential and commercial building products, including:

  • Commercial and residential metal roofing 

  • Agricultural and industrial metal building components
Metal wall panels

  • Pre-engineered metal building systems

  • Siding, gutters and downspouts
Weatherxl logo on a black background with metal color.
A color chart for choosing the color of metal roof.