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Hybrid Barns the ultimate combination of Metal & Wood Buildings

We design and manufacture Metal Buildings and Pole Barns. Hybrid Barns are the Ultimate Combination of Metal and Wood creating a Building Structure Beyond Measure.

Proudly Serving The Midwest Hybrid Barns is a trusted, family-owned, and operated company. We pride ourselves on being friendly and it’s our pleasure to assist you.

Hybrid Barns Online
3D Builder Design Tool

Helping You Design and Visualize

Hybrid Barns Online 3D Builder Design Tool helps you design and visualize your own barn, shop, storage buildings, and more. Allowing you to customize your building to your specs.

Choose your style, size, color scheme, and accessories.

We hope you find our FREE to you interactive builder design tool helpful.

A screen shot of a 3D model of a metal building with steel trusses.
A screen shot of a hybrid barn with a metal roof.

Hybrid Barns 3D Designer

Helping you visualize your metal building

A metal roof and siding barn with steel trusses.

A Hybrid Barn Will Save You Money

Lower Construction Costs
The biggest money-saving aspect of Hybrid Barns is our buildings are cheaper to construct over traditional construction techniques.


Lower Maintenance Costs
Metal buildings don’t have the same problems and are overall much simpler to maintain; they also handle inclement weather much better than wooden ones. Basically, zero maintenance. For most customers, a quick yearly wash is all that’s needed.

Metal Buildings

Pole Barns

Steel Trusses

Why Choose A Hybrid Barn

Simplicity & Speed

Our pre-engineered Hybrid Barns are extremely easy to construct. In fact, they’re so easy to build that some of our customers do it themselves! Hybrid Barns buildings can be built in just a fraction of the time it takes to build with other materials. Because they’re quick to construct, they require fewer resources and man-hours to build. That means you get your farm or ranch in working order faster, with less downtime or interference. When your farm’s margins depend on exact timing, or you have animals you need to shelter, that difference matters. Whether it's a garage, barn, home, or even a warehouse, your new building will be up in no time.

Economical & Energy Efficient

The practicality of Hybrid Barns building kits (easy to assemble, customizable, etc.) makes it very cost-effective too. Doing it yourself saves you a considerable amount of money but if you decide to hire contractors for the assembly, you can still save a significant amount. A metal storage building is often cheaper than a wooden building of equivalent size. Though many still have the perception that steel buildings are difficult to insulate and keep at a constant temperature, this couldn’t be farther from today’s truth. Modern steel structures are every bit as energy efficient as buildings made with more expensive and time-consuming construction methods.

Appearance & Customization

Metal buildings hold their color better than painted wood, they keep their appearance longer with less upkeep. Your barn will look like you just installed it years down the road. Hybrid barns are all completely customizable to meet your specific needs. Another thing to take into consideration is the expandability of the buildings. As your business grows you may find yourself needing to expand its facilities.

Durability & Reliability

Hybrid Barns and buildings have superior strength and long-lasting durability. Leaving you to reap the benefits. You aren’t left to worry about needing periodic maintenance. Our buildings meet or exceed all local wind/load requirements in the USA. Also fireproof and weather resistant you won’t have to worry about the roof collapsing during heavy rain or snow. Your Hybrid Barn will remain standing for many years.

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