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Hybrid Barns FAQ

Check out some of the most frequently asked questions and answers we’ve gotten on Hybrid Barns.

How can I receive a building quote?

You have a few options. You can design a building online with out 3D builder design tool and we'll send you a quote and a drawing of the structure you created through email. Contacting one of our sales professionals by giving us a call. Or schedule a time to meet with us where we can sit down and go over your project details. From conception to delivery, we will work with you to find a solution that satisfies your individual requirements.

Do you sell directly to homeowners?

Yes! Absolutely. We welcome all and we look forward to working with you directly.

Why is it important to check my local building codes and regulations?

Most counties and cities have regulations restricting development in their areas, including ordinances and specifications.To be able to get the right permits for the construction of your building, you must be aware of the local regulations.

How do I locate a builder for my building project?

There are many contractors who can construct your building across the country. Hybrid Barns can help connect you with builders based on the scope of the building project and the location of your job site.

Is it true that during a storm, metal roofs tend to attract lightning?

No, lightning may strike any item, not just metal; it usually hits the tallest object first. Metal roofs have the benefit of not catching fire in the event of being struck by lighting because the metal is non-combustible.

In rainstorms or heavy downpours, are metal roofs noisy?

Metal roofing doesn't produce any more noise than a conventional composite roof when correctly installed atop an insulated attic.

I’m local can I pick up my building materials?

When your building kit is ready. You will be called to schedule a time for pickup of building materials.